Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hatch Gallery

So during the free art event at the Oakland Art Murmur on Friday, I went around to some of the galleries. The best show of the night was at the Hatch Gallery.

Ross Cambell and Jeremiah Jenkins

I thought everything in the show was very very clever, everything was humorous yet serious at the same time. There wasn't a statement of any kind for the show but my impression was- the impact of western ideals, for example- the samurai helmet made out of american tools- the baseball- grenades. There was also a credit card- mouse trap. Everything was a mix of two different objects- that make one object, maybe the artists are trying to say the two are not so different?

For more information on the show or to contact the Hatch Gallery-


  1. Those are really cool pictures! I noticed there was writing on the foam hands, did the artists write something special on them? I was curious because I noticed that everything has subtle details.

  2. The foam fingers have a print of a persons hand holding a gun.