Sunday, February 20, 2011

Advance Effigy / relief painting on panel / 68x68 / 2007

Toomey - Tourell Gallery (49 Geary St) Artist, Joe Thurstan. The piece feels like a map. I was impressed with the carving of the wood surface done by hand. It made me wonder if he did this with board upright - I can't imagine leaning over to do such small chisel work!


  1. I also wanted to add some photos of "Cold Comfort" by Richard Bassett and Chris Crites. Very bizarre. Images of guns and Kennedy's assassination as embroidered throw pillows on a couch. Acrylic on paper bag portraits of 1920s and 1930s "perps" from Washington state and California. The curator kinda looked like he might be carrying so didn't want to take a change on bringing out the camera....

  2. Forgot to add: "Cold Comfort" showing in Jack Fischer Gallery / 49 Geary

  3. I was there for the opening, and did bring out my camera.
    here is the link: