Wednesday, February 2, 2011

La Destitution de la Jeune Fille (The Deposition of the Young Girl)

I visited the galleries at 49 Geary about 3 weeks ago and I saw this fun exhibit at Haines Gallery: "La Destitution de la Jeune Fille", by The Old Boys Club. Under this name is a single artist, Katya Bonnenfant. The exhibit consists of a series of small drawings in which she seems to play with symbols and mythical beings from diverse cultures - Native American, Japanese, African, or even Western (you can see Batman and Spiderman mixed with the rest). It's all very playful, rather irreverent (there are weird sexual things going on between the characters in some of those drawings), and I found it a very fun and interesting exhibit.


  1. battle of the spiritual super heros.....groovy, notice in the lower photo only one piece is framed?... wonder why.

  2. these are fascinating... i like them... i like how they are painted too. i especially like the painting below the gallery photo with the little chubby masked man with a sash and spear, that looks like he has a masked hamster/gerbil sitting on his head

  3. Love the concept of mixing modern mythological "hero" characters with traditional. The Batman piece is really quirky: Kachinas and Batman and oh my!