Friday, October 2, 2009


I heard a very disturbing rumor yesterday. The rumor was that all the lecturers in the art department were going to be laid off for the winter quarter. If this were to happen I think it would the end of the art department. This, I believe, is another example of the quality of the decision-making by the administration at this university. On the university website I looked up the names of the university president’s administrative team. I then went to the Sacramento Bee’s website that has a searchable database to find the salary of state employee's. Below is that list and how much each one makes. I'm not sure whether this is their total compensation if housing allowances and travel expenses and all the other perks that executives get are included, but these numbers are still pretty big for the quality of the decision-making we’re getting. I find it interesting that two of the individuals don't show up in the state database. Something tells me they're being paid and how much they're being paid needs to be a secret. To make an estimate I dropped the highest and lowest figure from the list and then took an average. The three remaining have an average pay of $196,278. The lecturers here at East Bay have salaries all over the place. There pay ranges from more than $60,000 down to less than $15,000 in 2008. Let's hope the average lecturer makes more than the mean of around $37,500. If they make an average of $45,000 a year than the wages of the rogues gallery listed below, which is $1,482,793 equals 32 lecturers!!! What do we need incompetent administrators or people that teach and try to improve us as human beings?

Dr. Mohammad H. Qayoumi $ 349,087
Dr. Fred Dorer $ ? 196,278 est.
Mr. Shawn Bibb $ 205,459
Mr. Robert Burt $ 172,465
Mr. John Charles $ ? 196,278 est.
Dr. Linda Dalton $ 210,912
Dr. Donald Sawyer $ 152,314

$ 1,482,793 = 32 Lecturers


  1. This is maddening. I really hope that doesn't happen in winter quarter! When I used to go to SFSU, I found out that the president there received a $60,000 house allowance and a $12,000 car allowance in addition to his $225,000 annual salary. He did get an amount for traveling expenses too, but I don't remember what it was.

  2. Sadly the word about town is that the face of the university is going to change dramaticly begining next quarter. Still it is not entirely the fault of the University.. more fault lies in the elected leaders and general bad governance,I'll post an interesting letter from the board of trustees

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