Saturday, October 31, 2009

Proof That I Have Been Keeping Up

So. One of my struggles has been maintaining self-motivation. I guess it's a good thing that I'm dealing with this now, rather than later.

Anyway. I'm not taking any studio art classes this quarter, so I've been TRYING to keep up with the rest of you, in terms of art production.
I still have room for improvement..... but... I'm soooooo weeeeeaaaaaaak.... lol.

I took the liberty of appending Simone's work, too X-P

Oh. And one of my friends stopped by the painting studio to give me a Halloween cupcake >_<


  1. Nice paintings! The boy's eyes are really intense and intriquing, and I like all the little additions Simone is painting, especially the white octopus/squid creatures/shapes.

    I'm only on my second painting this quarter, so my art productivity is slow too, lol. No worries.

    And that cupcake looks yummy. :)

  2. Kathleen,
    Creating your work outside of a class room is the litmus test for being an artist...most fail,the idea of spending hour upon hour alone with yourself and your thoughts can be a grueling and lonely life. Setting up a regimented routine can be helpful, just working a little at a specified time each day. Writers often have a minimum of words per day they write good or bad. I won't even get into the eureka moment when you are out at a bar at 11:00pm and think to yourself "I should be painting"...the longer you are at it the more all the components of your life begin to gravitate towards your work...just keep going.

  3. aaaaah!!! Kirk, thanks for the advice.

    I have definitely been thinking about my work a lot more lately >_<

    Most of my friends have been noticing that I've been pre-occupied.... so they'll comment on it, ask what's on my mind....

    98% of the time I respond "Art"

    Then they roll their eyes ^^

    It makes me proud lol

  4. Kathleen, the portrait you are working on is really well done.

  5. Great advice Kirk. Keep going Kathleen, the more and more art I see from you, the more and more I admire your art. It just keeps getting better, you'll find that routine/motivation- and when you do you'll know. COOL paintings!(simone too!)