Thursday, October 15, 2009

The totals are in..

For my latest leather mosaic, Honoring Four Oakland Heroes, I'm creating a video documenting the work using still photos. My earliest pictures are dated June 29, 2009, but by then I had spent about a month sketching out compositions, creating the full size pattern and cutting out the OPD shield logo in various colors of leather. I jumped on the shield element of the composition early on because of it's level of detail and it would be a piece that could stand alone on display at the Best of the East Bay Party at the Oakland Museum.

I just tallied all the photos I took of the process: 5,784 photos taken with my Pentax K20D.
Thanks to the built in intervalometer it was much easier to capture the work. Now begins the process of creating a YouTube video using iMovie. I spent the greater part of the day going through the photos, whittling it down to 1806. This yields a video over seven minutes at a quarter second pre frame (iMovies minimum).

Next I'll trim it down further, getting it as close to the length of the song I've chosen as possible (about five minutes).

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