Sunday, October 25, 2009

my inspiration

The first time I saw a painting by Joanne Ludwig I was in the school library, the area to the right of the doors where you can study. Last year she put together a small showing in there with Kris, Rene and other artists. I really loved the rough white quality in her paintings and how she organizes her colors. Its like controlled chaos. Her painting inspired the background for my "Behold, A Lady" series.

Anyway, I went to Somar Bar and Lounge in uptown Oakland this weekend and when I walked in I freaked out because the first few paintings that were up on the walls were Joanne's! I pointed and said "I know her!" My cousin turned around thinking I knew somebody and I was like "No, I know that art!" and she laughed and called me a dork. haha! So I HAD to take a picture of it. Excuse the really bad picture...I took it at the end of the night.

All I could find of her online is her myspace page.
Not really digging her anime paintings though.


  1. It's great that you stumbled upon Joannes should start looking around for some venues to show your work also...and how about considering joining the bfa?

  2. There's a real glow to her work and I like the color choices too. I can see how her style inspired yours. You should join the bfa! :)