Tuesday, October 13, 2009

music through skin contact

Lucky Dragons


  1. That's a really nifty blanket. Genius.

  2. I like this but I immediately started thinking about what I would do with this technology. …I say why the “Arty” blanket?....why not make it wearable?... what if everyone had their own suit?...then you could wrestle, jump, dance, barefoot boogie whatever…as it stands it’s a bunch of hand holding over a homemade “throw rug”….think of what you could do with a room full of boogie suited improving participants!...Twister anyone? Then again what if the suits emitted tazers that shocked people for inappropriate touching! Yow!......The class project idea is interesting tho I don’t think teachers are supposed to touch students..weird.

  3. Per the lecture series at Mills:these can be really rewarding... you never know what type experiance you will have. I strongly encourage all students to step out of their shells and try something new