Sunday, November 1, 2009

using art to advocate and educate

Hope everyone had a sweet and safe halloween! I was a butterfly and Kris was a butterfly catcher, hehe. This weekend my girlfriend Juliet from Seattle came to visit me and our other friend Hazel who goes to Mills but grew up with us in Seattle.

We went to the city to do some major retail therapy and decided to chill at the Yerba Buena park after. While we were walking up we came across a really project by the students, staff, friends and family members of the community college of sf. The project is called Student Success Stories: Using art to advocate and educate. A response to the budget cuts. There are around..uh..a lot..of life-size sculptures that tell a student story on the back. They are tactile and visual reminders of how community colleges have changed and are changing the lives of the students. I think I read that the sculptures have been or will be traveling around to numerous community colleges. We should think of something to do at East Bay!

The faces are created by headshots of students and the bodies are open to whatever the artist wants to put on it. On the back are the stories. Here is my favorite:

For videos of the process and information visit the website: If anyone has the time, I think I read that its not too late to participate in this project


  1. I'm glad you are posting! what are those things made of? I like the one in the picture that has the goat legs with the "visible man' features.. heart brain ect....I wonder is there one that looks like Tony? Top photo green vest? man he gets around.

  2. this is on their website for those who are interested in participating....
    "We will send you a kit that includes instructions, a 72" canvas "skin" unstuffed and ready for painting, transfer paper for you to transfer your student's face and story to the statue, and a rigid stand."

  3. that's not me kirk -_______-

    Cool Post Jasmin, and really cool project! And yes, lets brainstorm and think of something like this at East Bay.

  4. I agree, this was a really cool event...I wish East Bay would do something an 'art day' where various art students set up booths on campus to show work.