Sunday, November 8, 2009

Art in the Park

Maybe some of you are familiar with Art in the Park??

I went to the one in Golden Gate park. But they're pretty much everywhere.
You can see a similar thing going on near the Embarcadero or the Ferry Building.

This can be a pretty nice experience. You've got art. The artists are nearby, taking it easy. For the most part they are pretty quiet, though. They watch you as you view their art. Sometimes they seem a little uneasy.



I used to stroll around here with my family. I used to think it was cool to be able to talk to the artists and ask them questions.

But I don't think I like this set up any more.

I guess I am more in tune with the artist's sense of urgency to sell a painting?? I don't know.

Can anyone else relate? Or does you guys feel differently?

1 comment:

  1. not a fan....doesn't the world need more dog catchers and less guys like this, I mean if you want to sell stuff why not sell your soul, or hot dogs on sticks...