Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunnyvale Art Gallery

Hi Everyone, I went to the Sunnvale Art Gallery yesterday. I did'nt even know that Sunnyvale had an art gallery until I looked in the pamphlet that Kirk gave us. The art gallery I went to was actually a different gallery than what I found in the pamphlet though. This gallery just opened about 3 or 4 weeks ago so it's pretty new. The Sunnyvale Art Gallery has a cafe and sells art supplies too. A lot of the artwork I saw was realistic but there were different kinds of artwork like abstract photography, abstract painting, traditonal Indian (like from the country India) and cartoons. Many of the artists at the gallery are members in the Sunnyvale Art Club. There were a few artists there who were not in the club but most of them were. The club has been around for 50 years. I'm not sure if all of the members have been apart of the club for 50 years or if the club has just been around that long.
Anyways, I thought that the gallery was nice. It's on El Camino Real close to the Rooster T. Feathers comedy club.
One of my favorite of the artworks was a painting called "Swine Flu" by Angelo Lopez. I hope that you like the pictures.


  1. ...Christine.. you should take a trip to the city some day to see some contemporary art. 49 Geary st is a great place to start..Silicon Vally/San Jose is pretty provincial..or join the group for the first Thursday events in Oakland..

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  3. I feel like your saying that the place I went to did'nt really count because it wasn't a contemporary art gallery.
    I went there because I thought it would probably be different than the other art galleries that people went to. Also, because I thought nobody else would think of going there themself.
    There were'nt any rules about what kind of place we could go to. So, I thought this place would be okay.
    Is there a reason that you only wanted us to go to a contemporary gallery?

  4. I think you misunderstood my response, you are correct that there were no rules and visiting this gallery was fine. I was pointing out that that there is a lot more to see out in the world and you should take advantage of that opportunity living in the Bay Area.

  5. I love the swine flu one! Not only is it contemporary in the art world, but it's contemporary in reality world too.