Monday, November 9, 2009

de Saisset museum

I was at de Saisset museum in Santa Clara University last Sat with my families. We were enjoying taking photo in their front door, the flower and roses looked so great and it was a nice day. I went in the first thing is to check if there's a sign of no photo, fortunately no sign. I saw some nice works and start taking photo, after couple photos, the museum lady told me "no photo"....

oh~~ok~~(good I took couple of them already~ha)

I like this piece a lot. It's an Iris print by Arnold Kemp, titled (Them) Trees in 2009.

Trees is part of a series of photographs taken for an exhibition at the Studio Museum of Harlem. Instead of focusing on the usual street scenses, Kemp chose to capture the variety of trees that line the street of the famous New York neighborhood.


  1. It's too bad about them not letting you take photos.. that the way it goes. I have never been to the Di Saisset.. the photo of the trees (Them) is interesting ...but trees are interesting right?

  2. Actually I didn't notice it's a photo print out at the begining. I thought it's a painting of using ink or something because the high value of contrast between the trees and background. Yes, trees are always interesting object to shoot. I have photo of trees from my previous b&w photo class, too.