Saturday, November 28, 2009

back in the 90s...

Hey everyone, I went to Seattle this weekend and while I was there I found some of my old school work from elementary school. I wanted to share this one with you. I was in 2nd grade... I thought it was cool because I remember being more creative than the other kids but I don't remember wanting to be an artist when I was young. I never thought of it as a profession until college...but apparently, back in 1995, I wanted to be one.

"In ten years I will be 17. I will be an artist. I will paint pictures and I will do a lot of pictures. Then I will put it up on my wall. Then my wall would be nice."

My drawing totally shows how much Bob Ross influenced me! See my happy trees? RIP


  1. I LOVE THIS Jasmin.
    Wow that is priceless.

  2. outta-sight! you need to write something else to live up to, "in 10 years I will be the best artist ever"....GO!

  3. That is awesome! I love finding nostalgic items like this :)